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detailing resources for free books for bloggers. Have you ever wondered how to get books to review if you blog? Traci has outlined some great resources in her guest post today.


I’m A Blogger And I Get To Read Books For Free

My Free Book Resources

by Traci Rhoades

I started blogging so I could share the beautiful faith stories I see happening all around me, personally and in the life of others. Writing online has formed a whole new community for me. More and more stories about how we serve a mighty God and He is good. All the time.

What I didn’t realize is that blogging has all these side perks. One of my absolute favorites feeds this little addiction I have called reading. Since you’ve stopped by Literacy Musing Monday, I’m thinking you might have this condition too!

Well, now as a blogger, I often get to read books for free. I know! I just can’t believe it. Today, I thought I’d share with you a few of the ways bloggers get their hands on free books.

Publishers seek you out – Publishing companies may contact bloggers after reading other reviews on their site (I have a specific category on my page so they’re easy to locate). They usually have a book similar to one that’s been reviewed and would like the blogger to consider reading their book. Often, they’ll offer a book or two to give away as well.

Authors ask for help promoting their latest book – This can happen in several different ways. If a relationship has been established, the author might contact the blogger directly. I’ve also participated in some book launches where you’re one of many bloggers/reviewers who have an opportunity to read a book before it’s published. In exchange for this privilege, you’re often asked to promote the book on your social media accounts and write a review closer to the book’s release date. It’s all about generating interest!

Websites dedicated to offering books to review – There are specific sites that partner with publishers to make books available to librarians, book reviewers, bloggers, etc. I’ve used Netgalley and Blogging for Books. A blogger receives a book with the understanding that she’ll read it and provide an honest review. These sites house hundreds, if not thousands of books, and I can request the particular ones I’d like to read. I review primarily nonfiction Christian books. Publishers can find specific reviewers from the user profiles found on these sites as well.

Bookstores and other companies – I work with Family Christian in particular to promote various events, products and books they offer. I am in a Facebook community where different opportunities are made available to bloggers. If you’re interested in something they mention, perhaps a particular book they are asking for reviews on, you enter your email address on that FB post. Bloggers who have expressed interest are usually randomly selected. It’s a win-win because as a blogger, you promote some great upcoming events and products (often with giveaways) and Family Christian gets lots of online feedback.

I’ve gotten books all of these ways. Now, I have to be careful when considering books because, as I’ve said, I have a little bit of a reading problem! Before I know it, I’ve agreed to review 20 or more books at a time. Usually when you agree to review a book, they expect you to do so in a few weeks or perhaps months. That’s an awful lot of reading in a short amount of time. I’m still learning the ropes, but I have loved this unforeseen benefit of blogging!

More about Traci Rhoades

Book reviewer and writer

Book reviewer and writer

Traci writes, from her Michigan countryside kitchen, over at (A bit of a play on her name). When she first started blogging, she wondered about what unique voice she could bring. She’s landed on this one-line description: A Country Girl Goes To Church. You can connect with her on Facebook and Twitter . She and her husband parent one daughter, two dogs, two cats and eleven chickens. That number is always changing, as the farm animal count tends to do. She enjoys watching sports, reading, cooking, all things related to Bible study, and writing.



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  1. Leslie, what an honor to be chosen by you! So thankful to know that you are out there reading, and also that the book was helpful to you! You’ve given me a smile at the beginning of a new week!

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    Thanks for hosting Leslie

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